Monday, October 10, 2011

The Winner & The Next Slide Show

Let me preface the winner reveal with my process for choosing the winning quilt.  I had none.  There was no way I could begin to decide who the winner was.  All the quilts were made with creative juices that just could not be judged.  So, all I did was assign a number to each quilt and put the total into the Random Number Generator and let the spinning wheel spin!  All quilts had an equal chance...and like I said before in the chaos of my life recently I lost the file which had the corresponding names to the roll please...the winning quilt is...

Send me your name and mailing address and a surprise will be coming your way!

I loved having this slide show of what quilters are working on around the world and I would love to do it again!  But, to keep my server people from complaining about overloaded files keep sending me photos with only one photo per person!  I would like to have another show in December so start sending me your latest creation, especially if you have made something for someone for the holidays!!!  And if you are on a roll try to arrange all your holiday gifts into one photo.  On Christmas Day I'll have another Woolie Creative slide show!!!  My gift to you and me!!!

For those of you who were brave enough to send me photos of your creative spaces and stashes...I LOVE you.  I carefully looked at those slide, laughing at your genius, insanity and saying out loud...I wonder where she got that piece of fabric!  Thank made my week!!!  Tomorrow I will use the Random Number Generator and the winning photo will be chosen and winner posted!  Good Luck!

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