Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh Wyatt...I hope I get done!

And so here I am on Sunday morning wondering if this will be my new grandbaby's first disappointing moment with his nana???  His baby shower is next Saturday, now less than a week away and I have yet to quilt his baby quilt!  He is due at the end of January but I really want to have it done for the baby shower.  Today is the day!  Because this next week is a brain twister.  My quilting mojo is totally off and it is my long work week at the hospital.  My one day off will be spent with business stuff and then I am driving over the mountain on Friday to pick up one of my dearest friends from childhood who is flying in for a girlfriend weekend and to attend the baby shower!!!  You know what that means...I am driving, so no stitching in the car! Dang!  No tacking the binding down!  It has got to be done and wrapped before I pull out Friday morning!

Which means...I gotta get off this computer and start quilting!  Send me good quilting mojo thoughts!!!

Sorry, no quilt market photos because Anne Cottons 'n Wool is exhausted!  She needs you to send her some good, send them here cause she'll check in here when she gets a chance and maybe she'll send us more photos!