Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love and Peace on Thursday

Helen L. Hanson Estergreen

Jan. 10, 1935 - OCT. 6, 2011

Learning to sew by age 6, she was an avid seamstress. Helen was passionate about quilting for the last 25 years. Her quilts, works of art and labors of love, have been displayed and sold at the Sisters Quilt Show. Helen's quilt patterns were marketed throughout the U.S. She was an active member of Tuesday Therapy, a quilter's guild. She also enjoyed woodworking, stained glass and gardening.

The quilting community in Central Oregon is huge, and yet small.  There is no way that you can know every quilter here but, because of the weave of the quilting community you have many opportunities to meet each other.  Helen will be missed by her Tuesday Therapy and by those who never met her...because she is and was a quilter...and quilter's touch others who do not even know they are being touched through their love and generosity.

This is my latest project.  I hope I get it done before November!  It is for a special little guy!  I am on a time probably don't have a clue what that is! LOL, ROFLOL!  I work tomorrow and fly out on Saturday to take care of some "mom" business and will be gone a week????  Then I get back and will have to quilt, quilt, quilt!!!  in order to get it done!  Today I am piecing the batting and layering.  And, I am trying to do this with love and peace so that those feelings will weave themselves into the batting of the quilt and bring those feelings to the special little guy.

Have a great Thursday!