Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, 생일 축하합니다, Joyeux anniversaire, feliz cumpleaños

Today is my 58th birthday!  I am not sure why but the number 58 has a nice ring to it.  I usually celebrate my birthday for at least a week but, was a little off kilter this woke up ready to greet my 58th year! And plan on celebrating all weekend.  When I came downstairs HH had a cup of coffee waiting and a big pink package!  He really has me dialed included a card by one of my favorite artist, Susan Mrosek of Tuscon, Az.  I have always loved her art, quirky, unusual, funny, sad, name it.

The script on this card says, "The day came when every morsel craved was placed passionately upon her tongue, and she felt deserving enough to swallow.

Don't you just love this bag!!!  lots of colorful tissue and the bag is real sturdy!  I am a sucker for packaging!

...and look what was inside!!! A clock for my computer desk!  Isn't it it's burnt red glory.  The one thing about HH...he is always going to surprise you.

Then I remembered that when I was down in California a couple of packages arrived which I had just dumped into my sewing room unopened.  I decided today was the perfect day for them to be opened!  A birthday surprise to myself!  I can't wait to use that tumbler die!!!

I know I will continue to have moments of the "ugly cry" but my mom was a strong adventuresome soul and she would want me to pick myself up, and start putting one foot in front of the other towards an adventure...and in many ways I am cut from the same cloth. In a card I received from my sister she wrote, Have a great birthday because mom in her spirit wants you to enjoy. Even though mom was going to be visiting me on my birthday she gave me my birthday gift a month early...very zen of her...a gym membership.  On Tuesday I was crying in the pool and then I said thank you.