Saturday, October 8, 2011

Give Away??? I need my Binky!

Lookie what I got for my birthday!!!  Robin made me a big scrap bag!  Isn't it cute.  I always have a desire to make scrap quilts but learned from my friend Dale that making scrap quilts is not as easy as it looks...but this bag is just adorable!

Inside the bag was another bag with flower bulbs with a note saying the labor was included!  yippy, since a totally fugue state I bought a bag of 90!!! That's nine-o daffodil bulbs that need to be planted sometime before the snow flies.  Our mountains are already covered with the white stuff. Also attached to the bag was a binky...cause god knows I could use one lately! lol

If you remember before I was unceremoniously plucked from my Oregon life and planted in a temporary California life  I was working on a Woolie Follower Quilt Show, A sewing space/stash slide show and a Give Away.  Now since my brain is like a sieve and I can't remember exactly how I was going to do this...I am rewriting the script.  Tomorrow I will have a Quilt Slide Show and the slides will be assigned a number and will be put into the random number generator for a chance to win!  It will be up to you to contact me as I seemed to have lost the names/places associated with each the winning quilt will be posted on Monday...and you have to contact me within the week otherwise the prize goes to the winning  stash/sewing room. What an adventure...see you tomorrow!!!