Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blazin' Saddle

...Or Back in the Saddle Again...I arrived home on Friday night and spent the weekend in a comatose state.  Yesterday was a 5:30 AM start to the work day and actually was a much needed slide into a familiar pattern!  I am learning so much about myself and those around me and what I do absolutely know is...when someone dies...the s...t hits the fan.  The emotional state that each of us resides in is soooo different.  How we grieve, the rate at which we move through grief and the history...well is makes for a s...t storm, excuse my French.  You hear things differently, you say things differently and all this emotional foreign language...makes you extremely tired.  But now that I am home life seems better and I look to the future with a hopeful longing for peace.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Can you believe the entire time I was in California I did not take one stitch on my wool projects...it was like the quilter in me disappeared.  Although my days off are now filled with estate errands I am pushing the quilting back in...I need my quilting and I need my girlfriends.

To begin my quilting roll I want to tell you about Cathy.  My first day back to work I was introduced to Cathy by Julie (my boss) who saw her quilting away in the waiting room.  She was working on a whole cloth block design with a very light pink thread on white fabric.  Her stitches were fantastic!  The other amazing thing is...she owns a quilt shop in Silver Lake, Oregon!  I had heard rumors that there was a quilt shop out in the dessert but now I can officially confirm...yes, The Desert Rose Quilt Shop does exist...and besides store hours they will open by pre-scheduled appointment or fill you web sales...so check them out. 

Keep hanging in there with me and I am going to catch up on my email and start blogging again!