Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stump Town

Have you ever been stumped by a quilt???? Well, here is my "stump quilt."  I can't even remember what year I made it...but I do know it was a long time ago and it is now time to conquer the quilt!  I love this star pattern which I learned in a class with Debbie Caffrey.  She used to come to Bend and teach mystery quilt classes at BJ's Quilt Basket when there really was a BJ in the shop!  I loved her mystery classes because I learned so much, had a rip roaring great time and was fed a dinner.  I adapted this star pattern into a design of my own creation  adding little flowers which I hand button holed in the center.  Even quilted it...because I had the intention of making a prairie point border.  I saved the green fabric which has cute little chickens on it just for that purpose...then I was stumped.

I have never made a prairie point border.  This quilt is lying on top of a queen size bed and just covers the for a quilt that size how big do you cut the squares and how do you attach the points????  These questions so perplexed me that I folded it away to live in...a place called my "stump vortex."  It is where projects live that I don't understand why I purchased them, how to finish them or how to even get started???

Aren't these stars wonderful!

And this is where I ended.  The prarire points are supposed to somehow be attached to the red border...but I don't have a clue how???  I have already quilted the whole thing...what was I thinking??? you have a "stump vortex?"