Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sabado Tarde + The Give Away

Yesterday was one of those crazy running around days.  It was supposed to be one of those days where I could catch up on my blog reading, sew and just be in my space...but...oh had to be a running around day.  After spending an hour in the pool exercising I came home spent just a few minutes on the computer and had to hit the road again.  First a stop at Hancock Fabrics ! they are having a huge sale and I needed pillow stuffing for my cute snowman pillow and some other items which will complete a surprise project that I will have on a future blog.  I was greeted by Keith, who is such a wonderful manager.  The store was hopping and sewers were wanting to show him what they had created!  Although he is a seamster??? is the the male form of seamstress??? He currently is in the middle of his first quilt!!! 

I finished stitching the top to my cute snowflakes in the star pillow.  I really should start and finish a Halloween project but, this has been on the back burner long enough.  I love how it turned out and am ready to put the finishing touches.  Those finishing touches will have to wait a day since HH and I are heading to Crater Lake!  It has been an embarrassing bone of contention that all the years of living with a National Park in our back yard we have never visited.   

Since we are taking a break I have decided to extend the Give Away another couple of days...because I really want even more photos.  So, you back row people who never put your quilts in a show, send me one photo, your name and state or country you live !  Maybe if I put a photo of the Give Away on Sundays blog you'll be encouraged to send me those photos.  The ones I received today are wonderful!!!