Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lazy or Not So Lazy Tuesday

LOL for the Give Away which is linked at the bottom of the post I am making an addendum!  My internet provider explained to me last night that I am creating a problem for my account with the size of the emails I am that said please send me only on photo of your favorite quit that YOU have made and if you are brave enough a photo of your stash/sewing area.  I am going to publish all of the multiple ones I have already received but from now on BendBroadBand says I have to limit the photos coming in at one time!  What a party!!!

There is something sweet about having an extra day off during the week...but it does throw you off.  That is why HH was rushing to get the garbage can felt like Monday but actually it was Tuesday, our pick up day!  As for Enzo and I, we had an extra day off.  As soon as dawn arrived we went out for our walk and found 4 golf balls!!  Then off I went for my therapeutic swim class after a jaunt around the track.  I had to rush home because girlfriends were coming for lunch and stitching!  Life couldn't be sweeter.  I realized that I missed taking a couple of pictures including what I was working on...but here is a couple of gems.

Marilyn finished this sweet needle holder for her friend Beth and I was really tempted to keep it!  Sorry mom said possession is nine tenth of the law!

and Claudine is actually going to get this done before October!  I love this pattern and instead of wool she used some wonderful flannels!

Don't forget to send me those photos to in a Jpeg format to be entered in the drawing and leave a comment that the photos are on the way! on the blog entry  by clicking on Give Away!