Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Gotta Go!!!

When my friend Anne of Cottons 'n Wool and I were talking I said, "I gotta Go!" and she said, "Where?  Do you have to use the restroom?"  LOL  But in fact I received a Accuquilt Go! as an early birthday present from HH.  I am so excited but at the same time aprehensive.  It is a wonderful piece of equipement but choosing which dies are worth the money they cost is tough!  It came with a basic 5 inch square, half square triangle and 2 inch square.  I added a circle template and a hexagon template.  I have ordered 2.5 in. strips and 3.5 inch tumbler I need to just think.  If you have a "Go" what are your favorite dies???

Isn't this little hexagon block cute out of Bunny Hill Fabrics!

Don't forget the Give Away!  My email is screaming so if you can...send just one quilt photo and one stash/quilt room photo.  my email provider is lecturing me! LOL  send the photo to and post a comment on The Give Away