Saturday, September 3, 2011

Humble Pie

Ok...after a long day at work yesterday...and I mean a long day...I was served a piece of humble pie.  Where you ask did I get a piece of humble QuiltWorks!  After work I scooted over to QuiltWorks for their wonderful First Friday event.  The featured quilter was Barbara Copeland and the Under Cover Quilts.  I am going to preface the slide show by saying...Barbara and I started quilting the same year, 1993.  Whereas I have become the queen of the BOW and BOM...Barbara has become an award winning in Paducah, know what I am talking about!  Even in a small community of quilters as I live in...I had not seen Barbara in several years but we connected right away.  Now, instead of being fellow quilters our relationship has progressed to teacher and student.  That's right, after seeing her quilts I signed up for her machine quilting class in October at QuiltWorks!

Before you watch the slide show...I want to give you the stone cold truth.  Barbara quilts by machine... on her Bernina. 

Excuse the shadow of my big head in some photos...and the place was packed so I could not get individual shots of the Under Cover quilts...but, they are still wonderful. I hope you are in awe of Barbara's quilt slides...I know I left there shaking my head...and, glad I got a slot in her class.  If you are local...head down to QuiltWorks and sign up for the Oct. class.  Barbara swore to me that I would learn to be one with my machine!!!

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