Monday, September 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home

There is no place like home!  I am still waking up disoriented.  I lie in bed trying to feel the it mine or is it somewhere else. I slowly open my eyes trying to see in the dark if I am in my own bed. It feels it must be my bed!  Have you ever had times like this...where the world seems a little off kilter?  I have not re-entered my life with it's daily schedule and so time and space are still somewhat foreign. I am sure it will continue on in this way for a while.  I don't go back to work till the last week in Oct. and will continue to be in and out of town...and, my bed for several more weeks. I do have some high points which I am going to try and enjoy, the Fabric Stalkers Beach Retreat, Diane from Texas coming for a visit, getting together with friends at Anne's house, Woolies, the Mina Bag class in Sisters...these are all happening over the next few weeks.  In between the meetings and flight back down to mom's. 

HH and I have been married now for 34 years and we have been together 34 years and 3 months.  After two weeks of knowing each other he popped the question and I said yes.  My mother has been a part of his life for a long time also...they are and were both formidable personalities.  So she leaves us with not only a huge hole in our hearts but a massive space in my brain.  The Kim sisters have a micro managing trait.  It comes from surviving a war...loss, fear...if you can control can keep the bad things away and protect your family.  I have used a substantial part of my brain in a game of independence with mom and now the game is is so weird...I long to hear her voice but at the same time a part of me is peaceful.  I am not sure to what to do with all these emotions and so I am going to dive into my quilt life!


While I was in the midst of all the chaos down south I received a took me 3 times of listening to the message to understand that my Kathy Schmitz embroidery was ready at Bits and Pieces Custom Framing in Bend, Oregon.  I loved this pattern and it fits the feeling of, there is no place like home!  I of course put a little personal touch and embroidered "Bates House" on the front of the house.  Now I need to begin my "Which Witches Boot" and am at peace with the fact that there is no way it will be done by Halloween...but at least I will have something Halloweenie to work on!