Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guess What

Guess what I am doing???  This week time has been crazy.  My cell phone has been ringing constantly with people who need brain is leaking cells that might help me...and now it is the day before I leave on the Fabric Stalkers beach retreat!  I went up into my sewing room with no clue and so, just sat in the rocking chair...frozen on where to begin.  Do I want new projects or old projects.  Ultimately I decided old projects.  It won't take as much effort to concentrate...I can just continue where I left off...and...there is the possibility of actually finishing something which will give me an extra boost.

My list includes my civil war blocks, Primitive Gathering star blocks, Primitive Gathering wool BOW, Henrietta BOM, Basket wall hanging, wool star coasters, apron box, pillow case box, wool snowman pillow and last but not least...quilting a baby quilt for my new grandson arriving in January who I was told would be named Wyatt Cash Bates...I love the little guy already.  As for new projects, I missed my first Lucky Charm class and a fellow Fabric Stalkers is bringing her so I may try to fit that in and I have the first step to the Mystery by mail with Lawry Thorn from the Stitchin Post.  I also have a Turkey wool project that would be nice to get done before November!....and of course there will be some retail therapy on the way and I might end up with a new project!!!! 

Anyhoo...I doubt I will be bored!  I'll be blogging my days at the beach quilting...I love the sound of that!