Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Extraordinary Life of Bok Soon Jones

Here is my last post about mom and starting tomorrow I NEED to talk quilting.  I'll have to spend a couple of days figuring out where we left the last Give Away at and I really want to show you a slide show of our day at Crater Lake.  I met a wonderful quilter from Kansas that day.  Leave to me to find a quilter no matter where I go.

My mom arrived in New York City in 1953 with a 5 month old baby and was promptly left alone as my dad was shipped out the next week.  I found a beautiful love letter my dad wrote to my mother while she was alone in New York City...the only Korean.  Over the years she sponsored and brought her family and at last count she was responsible for helping several hundred people find a new life.

Today is our 34th wedding anniversary and we are going to spend it quietly on our happy to be back in Bend...if only for a short while.  My oldest son arrives on Monday and we are going to Skyp with my youngest on Monday night...I really need this time with my boys.  I am sure I will continue to have fits of blubbering but as I watch this incredible video made by my mom's nephew I rejoice in the extraordinary life she led.