Monday, September 5, 2011

Calling All Woolies...a Give Away

OK, here's the deal...I have been posting what I have been up too but, what I really want is to see what you have in your quilt closets!  I would like to put together a slide show of Woolie blog follower quilts and if you are brave of your stash!  What's life if we can't come out of the closet and be who we really are!  So, if you can email me photos in a Jpeg format then they will transfer to my slide show program.  I will create a slide show...of course, you have to be a follower and post a comment to this blog that you have sent a photo to please include the state or country where you live!!!!  oh I freakin' excited!!!  and, everyone who sends me a photo will be entered into a sweet Give Away!

Yesterday it was 90 degrees in the sun with a warm breeze on the back deck.  What better way to celebrate these fleeting days of summer...transitioning to fall and having friends over for a BBQ.  HH and I spiffed the house a little, cleaned the deck and filled the bird feeders.  Then I draped my outdoor table with a quilt and everything was perfect.  It was a simple pattern I made up with mitered corners so the chilis' would go round and round!

I love the way everything keeps going around...even the hot sauce bottles.  I sewed all the strips together for the 4 sides them I just mitered the whole stripped pieces together.  Quilted it just like a bed quilt and it has been my favorite table cloth for outside!

I hope you're enjoying the Labor Day weekend!