Monday, August 29, 2011

WWWWaaaait!!! I Shoulda Had A V8!

Getta a cup of coffee cause this story is going to take a while to explain.  For the newbies to the blog you will have to start from about mid summer reading in order to get the full effect of my BOW drama! I had any control of this manic life I live, being predisposed by my genetics I had 3 BOW's going (that's Block of the WEEK) from Primitive Gatherings.  A beautiful wool flowered block, a 4 inch star block (5 would arrive at a time) and a freebie wool coaster.  Hang in there...this story has more the middle of July I started to have melt downs...they were coming too fast, a week would just breeze by!  In order to deal with the panic I stopped visiting my mail box, developed a adversarial relationship with my mail person (because of how full my box would get.)  There were times I would have to put my foot against the mail box to pull the mail out (ok, maybe a little too much drama) but that's what it felt like.  Then the envelopes started piling up!  I was plugging along working on the blocks as I could, never to reach that point where I was waiting for the mail to arrive so I could start the next block

Here is Block 6 finished!  I thought by ripping the tops of the envelopes opened that counted as half done! Until a fellow Woolie told me I should just take them out, separate the BOW's and put them in a project box.  Since I was going on retreat at the end of Sept. I thought I would get organized now (what a thought), that's what I did I took them apart, put them in separate project boxes without looking at them and then, prepped all the freebie blocks.  Feeling quite smug I decided to prep Block #7 and was looking through the project box...WHAT THE HEY????  There were TWO as in #2,  Block 8's!!!!  At first I was confused...then I felt vindicated...I wasn't overwhelmed...Primitive Gatherings was sending me too many!!!  When I looked at the baggies the name was Pati Beck???  Who are you Pati???  Then I checked my star BOW and there was a packet with her name on it!!!  Oh be still my freakin' heart!  There is another wacko out there who signed up for as many as I did!!!  I emailed Primitive Gatherings but have yet to hear back.  I would have discovered this mistake had I opened the packages earlier but hey, a quilters gotta do what a quilters gotta do.

Now, I am happy and my postal person is happy!

Here is my Henrietta BOM.  It is turning out really cute.  I have 4 blocks completely done.  Block #5 half done and 6-8 prepped!  I was thinking about giving it away as a gift but when HH saw it...he thought it was nice! So I decided to keep it an personalize it.  I embroidered our address on the front door of the house and put our street name on block #3.

Hope you have a great for me, I am feeling relaxed now that I realize my melt downs were not my fault!