Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stitchin' Post Class Schedule

Ok, Huston we have a problem!  My Stitchin' Post Class Schedule is falling apart!  I think the Stitchin' Post needs to think about sending 2 copies out, one to mangle and one to keep pristine and last till the next one comes out!

So here is the scoop direct from the Woolie.  The "C" ticket to Creativity is the bomb!!!  You pay $50 and you can sign up for any 5 classes throughout the Fall/Winter Schedule that is listed as a "C" ticket class...and there are over 30 choices!!!

Here is what I have signed up for...

Session 1 of Lucky Charms
(making something fun out of a charm pack)
Session 2 of Lucky Charms
Mina Bag designed by Valori Wells   
(Christmas present for my sista)
Fall session mini mystery by mail
Spring session mini mystery by mail

All this for $50!!!  For all of you who have signed up for the email letter and are out of town wouldn't it be fun to sign up for the Fall and Spring sessions of the mini mystery by mail?!  Those are only $10/session! Lawry Thorn who is the mystery queen at the Stitchin' Post will be our moderator...and you don't even have to travel to Sisters!...and you can use some of that stash!!!  If you love a mystery, looking to make something that you will finish,  join me for the mystery by mail and then we will have a slide show when we are completed! 

Only 3 more days for The GIVE AWAY  sponsored by the Sitchin' Post of Sisters, Oregon!

off to work...hope you all have a wonderful day!