Friday, August 26, 2011

"Standing In Your Truth"

I am not sure about you but I tend to play games with myself in order to accomplish what I need too in my day to day life.  I lead a VERY busy life...of my own choosing.  If I have too much down time...I get antsy.  But, just being busy does not a successful person make.  You have to be organized, flexible and develop new battle plans for success.  I know I'll eat expensive cafeteria food if I don't make my lunch the night before.  If I don't exercise in the morning...I am not going to be exercising that day.  Last one out of bed, makes the bed so I always get up first!  Are you like that?  Do you manipulate your own mind  in order to get stuff done? 

Where I have my biggest challenges is in keeping abreast of the incoming mail and my sewing room.  Now the mail is not my fault.  There is way too much junk mail and I don't pick it up every day because I am afraid of what is in the box.  But now that the BOW is done I can start picking up the mail regularly and maybe not have piles of it on the table.  As for my sewing room...I am the General!...and I have a battle plan.  Unfortunately, so far I am not moving the battle all.

Then my friend Sandy (quilt therapist) asked me why I was keeping the BOW's in the mailing envelopes.  I thought just by opening the envelopes I could consider them half done.  Sandy made me realize that I need to "stand in my truth" (that's a Suzi Orman phrase).  I couldn't even sit in my rocker because they were all piled there...mocking me!

So I ripped open the envelopes and separated the 3 BOW's (who is their right mind does 3 BOW's)  no wonder I need a Quilt Therapist!

Guess what...opened...they all fit in the project box and the lid even closes!!!

So, I guess this blog is about "standing in your truth"  That sometimes when you face really isn't so bad and in fact taking off the blinders allows you to occasionally relax in your rocking chair.