Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Revelations...and I'm not talking about the Bible!

This may be a boring blog for you today...but it is a revelation for me.  This last couple of days has given me a whole Bible full of revelations! No sacrilege intended.  Having our grandson with us for a few days has taught me...I got older since last year when he came to stay with us.  Who would have thought a year would make that big a difference????  We are having a grand time...at least I am, even though it is exhausting.  But I can tell that he is getting older and, I am not near as interesting as I was last year! LOL  He has more energy than 10 quilters put together at a 50% off sale!  Enzo is totally in hog heaven but is also pooped! 

I am in awe at the energy of one 9 yr. old boy...just to give you a taste...yesterday we were...
0730 dog park
0830 back home cleaning up
0930 out of the house heading to the MG's to meet and greet the quilters 
1100 walking in the Mill District
1130 in the movie theater waiting for ZooKeeper to start, funny movie
1330 heading to JoAnn's to check out the Go...they were sold out
1430 walking to the swimming pool
1600 walking back home
1708 grandpa home...thank god...and I don't care if he worked all day...I am pooped
1730 dinner cooking
1800 grandpa takes the grandson to Sportsman and I hit the open road on my scooter!
1930 HH and I sit on the deck while we watch our amazingly energetic grandson dance, sing and hoola hoop on the 5th tee of the golf course...when we got the energy up...we would clap! LOL 

Oh and you wonder what the photo has to do with anything I am talking about...well, between 1630 and 1708 I tried to cut and sew some steps of the BJ's BOM and when you are this tired and your grandson is sitting in your sewing room playing Angry Birds on your phone while you cut and sew...there is a big difference between cutting 46 - 1 5/8 and cutting 1 7/8ths  which means I actually had to make 92 of these suckers! instead of the asked for 46. 

PS. When we were in the Mill District walking around waiting for the movie to start we saw a group of 8 silver haired women sitting outside the coffee shop talking and my grandson asked me if that was another quilter gang!  I see a shot of tequila in my future tonight! LOL...that is after someone's bed time!