Thursday, August 18, 2011

QuiltMania & A Great GiveAway by DaffyCat!

This past Tuesday I was scheduled for a massage (no it is not a foo foo massage but shear torture!) which I schedule regularly to keep me out of a surgeon's office.  I had finally finished Harvest Home by Kathy Schmitz and was taking it to my favorite framer...Bits & Pieces.  But, he doesn't open till 1000 so I had an hour to kill and decided to read quilt magazines at Barnes and Nobles.  OH BE STILL MY FREAKIN' HEART....they had a special children's issue of QuiltMania!!!  Only one copy!!!  Are you listening Paulette?  I had never seen this issue before and was so amazed but the color, the fun and possibilities...that I bought it.  Not cheap either, $20 but take a look inside. 14 projects!!! I won't show you every project but just wet your appetite and show you the ones that are at the top of my list!!!

I am making this bag but am not putting a labrador on mine...guess who is going to be featured on my purse!

Look at this Doxie purse!!!  Hey need a Doxie purse!!!

This one is so crazy fun!  I may make this for my new grandbaby's room!

And Owls are this years Dogs...everyone wants one! lol  Looks like I am going to be very busy this about you?

Before you go check out this sweet GiveAway on