Monday, August 1, 2011


HH and I were driving up to Detroit Lake to meet our sweet/funny DIL (it is the only way I can think of her) and bring our grandson home with us for a few days.  I want to take him to the County Fair on Wed.  Well, that trip meant that I had to drive by The Stitchin' Post! and I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket given to me for volunteering during the Quilt Show!!!  I had intended to buy some fabric...but I walked in a saw the latest issue of Quilt Mania which is one of my top 2 favorite magazines.  I never fail to find something that I NEED to make or an article that is engrossing.  The photography is fabulous!

Look at this wool project!!!

there was a great article on the quilts made for the children of Japan who lost so much during the Tsunami...and the quilts were absolutely adorable.

 ...and then there was this quilt...a wedding quilt...and I am totally intrigued by the pattern!

So here are my purchases...of course, I went over the amount of my $15 gift certificate!  I saw a couple of card patterns that Valori had designed that I wanted and the hardware to make the purse.  I saw the purse made up at Valori's studio and decided then that I would make one for my sister's birthday!  And I happen to have several little girls in my family who would look adorable in those sweet skirts!  All in all a great haul!