Monday, August 15, 2011

The Flippin' Bird Challenge

Yesterday was the meeting to pass off the Flippin' Bird Challenge Quilts.  Since there are new followers I thought I would take today's blog to explain the Challenge.  First...a little history...(all dramatization of this blog do represent actual people but they shall remain nameless to protect their quilting reputations.)  Several...and I mean several years ago one of the Fabric Stalkers (who shall remain nameless) started a project that consisted of Birds in the Air blocks.  For whatever reason, and I don't have to explain this to many of became a UFO.  I mean the kind of UFO that haunts.  A Blair Witch UFO! The project traveled to every retreat in the box seat of said quilter's sewing chair being referred to as the Flippin' Bird Quilt.  In the beginning we sympathized..but many of you bring your UFO's to retreat just to torture your fellow quilters.  So, last retreat I had had it!!! And said, "give me that UFO.  I'll finish it but it won't look like you intended it to be!"  Said quilter then came up with the brilliant idea that we should all drag out a UFO we just aren't bonded too and will...NEVER finish.  You know that's hiding way back in the closet or drawer.  We would then pass it around with the fabrics (fabrics could be added) but the original pattern is out the door.  It has been the most FUN challenge we have ever done!!!  Mine was a Kaffe Diamond Quilt which was left from a class I took with him a few years ago using strip fabrics.

Enjoy the evolving quilts and maybe you will consider this kind of challenge with your quilt group!

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