Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eat Cake!

Yesterday I had decided to start a project that was on the back burner.  I found the pattern in June while traveling back and forth to care for my mom and knew that it was perfect for my best friend's birthday which is coming up.  I didn't have the right color of blue in my stash which led me to Sew Many Quilts.  I can show you the fabrics but not the pattern until after the birthday because there is a slim chance she might stumble onto the blog.  I know I am rambling a little here but, I want to share a story with you about the wonderful designer of the pattern.  When I opened the pattern I read through it 3 times trying to figure out the cutting directions...there were none in the pattern.  Maybe she thought I was smart enough to figure out the cutting...hummm, never had that happen.  She must not know me!  But, in this day and age of the world wide web I Googled her, got her phone number and left a message.  Within a couple of hours I got a call from Holly and after explaining my dilemma, she apologized and immediately sent me a PDF filed of the cutting instructions.  What a business woman...and one of my favorite designers!  So if you have a chance check her site out you won't be disappointed! Eat Cake Graphics!

While delayed from the above project I decided that I needed a new pincushion.  Digging through my patterns like a dog...I found the perfect pattern by Hatched and Patched although you can't see it very well in the photograph I embroidered Enzo's name at the bottom.  I used walnut shells mixed with lavender that I collected last year from the plants outside my workplace...smells divine.

Alas, it is a work day but riding Patty to and is a breeze!