Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yippee Skippy!!! And Don't Forget The Give Away!

Don't forget the "Give Away!!!"  I NEED to know (LOL) how many Halloween projects you have in your closet, box, car trunk!  And tell your friends to sign up as a follower.  The Halloween info has to be posted on the "July 6th" blog Give Away! and the winner will be posted on Sundays blog.

HH says I am hyper?!  And I say, "You Bet!!!!!"  It is Quilt Show week!!!  And...this is how consumed I am...yesterday while talking to patients and getting them ready, one of the questions I had to ask is "if they were a "smoker" and if they had quit, the year they quit."  Every single time I typed "quit" my fingers typed "quilt!!!!"  I was hysterical by the end of the my shift...isn't that a crack up!

So last night I met with a group of gals who work the information booth at the Quilt Show.  We were to organize the volunteer and special exhibitor packets.  What a job!  This event is amazing and it becomes bigger and bigger each year!  I am totally amazed by the information booth chairman...what a brain she must have to keep this all flowing like a fine tuned sewing machine.
That's ice tea...not Long Island ice tea!

Enzo and I got a package!!! He was not so keen on the package but loves the Postman
What can I say...every item purchased by a quilter is a High Claim Item...and I was decreasing my "mom" stress with the purchase. lol
Cool shelf huh?!  I haven't put any knick knacks on top yet...because I am not sure what I want to go up there
and lookie here...a Vanishing Design Wall!!! Purchased at Quilts & Things That's right, the fabric is wonderful and it rolls up into the shelf with your blocks in place!  It was designed to fit over a double closet door unit and it did fit perfectly!  For those of us with limited design wall space this is perfect!  One gal who sews in her dining room has it beautifully decorated and no one knows it is a design wall.  I ordered mine unfinished and HH painted it white for me.
Today I head to Sisters for a couple of lectures.  This morning it is "Material Obsession" and this afternoon "Blending Cultures:Aboriginal Fabrics with Contemporary Quilting"  I can't wait and will tell you all about it tomorrow!  In the meantime I hope you are all have a wonderful day filled with fabrics, gardens and 3 favorite things!