Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wool in the Summer???

Oh this week has been one of catching up and taking a breath.  Dove back into work which is a good thing since it provides me with moola for my quilting...oh yeah, and groceries, electricity, know the essentials.  At first I was not looking forward to going back but what i didn't realize is that it was part of getting myself back into the pattern of my life.  Mom is making a slow recovery and for now I am staying put in Oregon.  I had missed being with The Woolies and seeing all of them again, sharing my stories, enjoying how far every one had gone on their projects and the new projects that were started while I was gone.  Some would say Wool in the Summer is crazy...I say Wool in the Summer is sooooo worth it!  This weekend quilters start trickling in for Quilt Week and the air is filled with excitement.  There will be a lot to share off and on for the next week so be sure to check in!
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