Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sweet Sunday

Whereas yesterday was Sweat Shop is all about the sweet!  I have filled my quilting soul with the need to do something fun!  The center of Chubby Chicks is done!  I decreased the size because I had decided during the construction that I wanted to hang it in my sewing room!  Next is the pieced inner border and then the final border.  That will have to happen later this afternoon.  I have errands to run in preparation for the next week and I know for a fact tomorrow's surgery schedule is going to be INSANE!  It would normally be my day off but I volunteered to work...hummm, maybe not smart on my part but what the hey.  If you look closely at my chicks you will notice a couple of them are not following directions! One is me of course and, the other is a friend who always walks to her own drummer!  Can you find them? 

I realized that the blog had hit 130 followers and on my continued quest to reach a certain number by next years Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show I am going to keep pushing the envelope.  Friday I sent off the first Woolie Give Away to Mary in MN. and am already orgainizing the next Give Away when the blog reaches the sweet 150 number!  So keep passing the word along, forwarding the site and I will pick something really sweet for the next Give Away.

I love this photo!!!  While sewing the Chicks together I used the final strand of thread!  Yes, an empty spool...don't you love that feeling?!  I use AURIFIL MAKO 50/2 for piecing because surprising the type of thread you choose can have an effect on how your blocks lie.  This thread is thin, strong and most importantly, no lint!  But, it takes forever to use up a spool!  A little spendier but in the long run it is worth it.

Hope you all are having a great Sunday!