Friday, July 15, 2011

The Saturday Sweat Shop

Isn't that a cool name for a Quilt Store! I told Kathy, the Information Booth boss that I rarely get to sit down and sew for extended periods of time (except on retreat). I do however accomplish a lot on a Fabric Stalker Retreat but, the next one isn't until the end of Sept.! Then I realized that HH and I did not have a thing scheduled this have too's, or oughta's, or why was a wide open weekend! We had planned on going to see the newest Harry Potter movie but really, do a couple of AARP people need to see it the first weekend? Especially when the Deschutes Dash is this weekend and one of the races begins down in the Mill District?! Heck NO! Which means we each get to leisurely enjoy our time in the way we both want to relax...and for me...that is time in my sewing room! 

When Enzo woke me up this morning I decided to dive into Chubby Chicks and in order to start I had to pick up my space because, I cannot see the top of my cutting table or ironing board. I found this book I had ordered after watching an interview with Jenny Byer by Alex Anderson on The Quilt Show It is a compilation of over 4,000 blocks from different sources.  For sure you need to already be pretty comfortable with constructing a block in order to use the book but I like having a detailed source for blocks. 

Just flipping through the book it looks like Jenny constructed each and every block using the fabrics she likes...hummm.  And  she is a hand piercer and quilters so some are definitely a challenge.  But, still I like the book.
Then I remembered that years ago I had gone to an old book sale in Sunriver which is a destination resort 10 miles from me and found this book.  At first when I picked it up I thought it was an old high school typing class book.
Then I opened it!  Someone had collected all the weekly articles on quilt patterns published in the Kansas and Nebraska from 1928-1932 and glued them onto the pages of this typing book!
I could spend days reading these articles...but, now I need to start working out with the Chubby Chicks!