Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quilt Week Frenzy @ BJ's Quilt Basket!

I am feeling the fever also and so I have put together a special surprise GIVE A WAY to celebrate the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show.  I'll post a photo of the surprise tomorrow with the how too's to win so get your friends to sign up as a follower...it's gonna be fun!

There is so much going on in Bend!  Once Summer hits you are guaranteed to have a parade, race, festival, and music every week...and topping that list for us is the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show!  Part of my fun is to visit each quilt shop in my town & Sisters during this week.  All the shop have been preparing with new displays, new kits, new samples, and of course new fabrics!

Yesterday I headed over to BJ's to check it out and...because I made a blunder.  Oh yeah...me.  My LA Sandy Lachowski (you can check out her studio on the link) informed me that I was about 6 inches short!!! as in 6 inches on a backing!!! All I can say is...it's my mom's fault and I am sticking to my story!  Since I drop off and pick up at BJ's (and no, I do not ship out all my quilts) it gave me an embarrassing excuse to shop around, take photos and quietly ask for my quilt back so I could add 6 inches!!!  The shop was ready!  Although I wondered where that slacker Fabric Stalker, Lindsey was...oh she is working the late shift! LOL as Vicki said, Lindsey is a "Quilt Show Virgin."  as in...never having worked this week in a quilt shop with the parking lot full, 4 tour buses pull up...and can you cut these 20 bolts of fabric while I use your pott...ay...Hang in there Lindsey...life is changing!

Today...hummm...I am putting 6 inches on my quilt back (stop your laughing), organizing the GIVE A WAY for tomorrow's blog, having dinner with the Fabric Stalkers cause we are going to Sew Many Quilts Open House...oh...and working on those BOW's!  Phewww life is hard when you are a quilter!
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