Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pondering Pools of Thoughts

After receiving some input yesterday from Woolie's about my guild musings I woke up with a whole lot of brain activity.  I preface these next few sentences with a explanation for those who do not know me or have not followed the blog regularly...I come from a genetic background that has the pedal to the medal.  If my pedal is not the medal..then..I am in a state of depression, which I choose to avoid.  As a child I drove my parents crazy.  Which is funny because both of them were always on "full steam ahead" mode.  I remember my dad working 3 jobs and, even when he was sleeping he had headphones on listening to study material! LOL  My mother's brain is like a huge computer that needs constant what can I say...I come by this naturally.  If I have quiet time it is because by the grace of God I met HH...who taught me to day dream and there are my friends (which includes you) who give me perspective.

Today I have already put an hour in the garden, and it is not really a garden it is a hillside terraced with lava rock that I having been trying to conquer for a couple of year.  Enzo especially likes these times because he jumps and runs, interfering with the golf courses early morning ritual of mowing a 1/16th inch off the blades of grass. I decided before Marilyn and I head over to June's place that I would finish piecing the binding strips for Chubby Chicks and prep my next wool project.  I have given up my angst over my BOWs and although I am just about finished with Block 5 and have 2 more sitting in my sewing room with another 5 to arrive over the next few weeks...I really don't have to get them done before end of summer (thank you Sandy).  In fact I have all those winter months that need filling! 

Before Summer ends (the weather this past week made me think it was over) I am going to start a project from Summer Gatherings.
Welcome!  I have the pieces I need and today I will fuse and prep, that way it will be ready when the mood moves me to work on something different!