Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ooddles of Giggles

Yesterday was filled with Giggles, crazy ones, happy one, and hiccuping giggles.  Enzo and I walked down to the mailbox and found my favorite magazine Primitive Quilts!!!  Packed, really packed with wonderful projects!  I am going to make the squirrel because I already have the acorns! Remember The Blog where I showed you those hand knitted acorns with the real tops made by Pam in MN.!  They will look great displayed together. 
THEN, I dug deeper into the postal box and there were 2 Packages...not just 1...but Lisa had sent 2 packages at the same time.  I was just about to prep block 6 and I had block 7 lurking on the shelf...and now it looks like one of those housing tenaments I lived in as a baby when we first came to the US.  All crowded and loud!
I'm OK, I remember what everyone has told me about enjoying the trip.  I decided to add the embroidery to my blocks because my friend Sandy said they are not really finished until the embroidery was I did and, she is right, I can now say I have 5 blocks completely done.  They really are beautiful and the wool provided by Primitive Gatherings is wonderful.

Now  for the hiccuping giggle...we have this little green frog that lives on our deck, actually in a big flower pot on our deck.  He disappeared a few days ago and we haven't seen him since...until yesterday.  Enzo discovered him in an old corn grinding bowl on the deck and jumped back...he really is a careful guy.  Anything he has not seen before...or is out of place...he gets freaked!  I piled a stack of rocks about 3 feet high in the front yard and the first time he saw it he started growling! LOL  So, here is a little slide show...not of quilts but of one crazy dog that made me laugh so hard I got the hiccups!

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