Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh Happy Days!

Some people are a cup half empty and some are a cup half full. I think I am basically a cup half full.  I seek the blessing in each day. That is not to say that I don't occasionally have an ugly cry or fall into the depths of depression...but, for the most part I think each day is a gift.  I am so happy that I am alive during this period of time! Why you ask?  Because of Skype!  I have adjust fairly well to my youngest son and his fiance moving across the country...sort of...but what has helped me is Skype!  Oh my god, I can't believe that I can actually talk to them in real time, see their faces and that they can walk me around their apartment.  What a blessing it is when I consider that when my mother moved to America she would write her mom...who, 2 months later would receive the letter.  Oh yeah, I am soooo lucky!

So yesterday when my oldest son came down from Portland to spend 3 days playing with his dad I had to get his brother and Emily up on Skype so we could all talk to each other.  It was so wonderful to laugh with both my sons even though we are time zones apart.  Then, when I saw that there were some bare walls in their new apartment I asked if they would like a wall hanging.  What kind?  Wait...I'll go get it and show it too you!  Can you believe it!!! I could actually bring the wall hanging I had made down to the living room, hold it up in front of my lap top and they could see it!  They liked it and so now I have my next quilting project.  I just have to choose a backing, layer and quilt.  What a great world we live in!

Pattern is called Sidelights

Don't forget the Quilt Shack Give Away...only 4 more days.