Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Muses From a Quilter Gone Mad

Quilt Show Week is over and there is time to ponder all that was enjoyed, new people who are now "quilt friends" and to take a candid look at what is going on in my own sewing room.  Hummm, maybe this is why I like looking at other quilter's sewing rooms?  Then, I don't have to face what is going on in my own backyard!  I am currently in a face off with my mailbox!  Having signed up for 2 BOW's with Primitive Gatherings and Lisa being the generous soul, sends out a freebie each week...which means 3 BOW's.  I now look at my mail box as if it has an IRS notice hiding in it.  As you can see by my BOW design wall I have 5 freebies done which means I should have 25 stars done and 5 wool applique blocks done!...and it is Tuesday isn't it???  Which means there has been a BOW package sitting in there since yesterday but, I have not been down to the post box...if I don't have it in my hand...it doesn't exist! I may wait till Friday to pick up my mail! LOL 

Woolies was cancelled this week because QuiltWorks is trying to put the store back together after the "fabric storm" that occurred last week.  This gave me an opportunity to have a handful of people from various parts of my life to the house...and I mean handful.  My house is an illusion.  It looks huge from the street but, is actually small and can only handle a small group unless everyone wants to stand the entire time.  Which means...I have to clean a little...and this is where my facade crumbles. People are always asking me how I do everything...well, I don't.  I clean if someone is coming over. (that's a period at the end of that sentence) and I am not a "fabulous" cook.  3 times this week HH and I had cheese and crackers for dinner.  Thank god he is an easy guy!
I had to show you the "Freebie" I got from Sew Many Quilts!!!  I didn't tell you but last Tuesday was their open house to show off the shop to the locals and any quilt tourists in town...and...the power went out!  Someone had hit a pole or something and knocked the power out in a whole section of town.  When I arrived the shop was packed with no lighting and "how ya gonna pay without power?"  They figure out how to continue business but, it was challenging and they stepped up with grace.  They were going to have a drawing every so often all night but instead Sharron decided to give everyone a freebie as they left the shop with their new purchases!  How awesome was that!  And...this pattern was my freebie and I LOVE it!  I can do it in cotton or wool!  Sweet!