Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have heard of "menopause" and "manopause" but yesterday at work I learned about "mentalpause."  After spending some time yesterday with "the friends" listening to their sage advice and reading an article that Sandy brought me called "Deadlines are Beautiful"  I am taking a deep breath.  I liked the idea of working on one old project and then switching to a new project, then an old project...then a new project.  I need to take a breather from my Primitive Gatherings BOW and do something bright!  It is not that I am not going to try and finish those BOW's this summer...or this's that I need something different.  I need to put the pop back in popcorn, the fun back in funny, the sex back in sexy...ok...I know, I am losing it with all these rules!  I need to start playing in my sewing room.  How did I lose my Mojo?...could 3 BOWs push me over the quilter's cliff????  When I got home from work I started rummaging in my drawers of UFO's, WIP's, PIG's and kits...and I found the perfect one! Since my schedule was wild with trips back and forth to mom's I fell off my Weight Watcher Mojo also.  With this project I am going to get both WW and Quilting back on the fun side of life!

Chubby Chicks!

I had the pattern and the fabrics all together in a plastic bag...officially a PIG (project in grocery bag)!, tonight I am invited to attend the Appreciation Dinner for volunteers of the Sisters Quilt Show out at Black Butte Ranch!!!  The Fun is Back!!!  I just have to get through today at work!  So, since I am scheduled to call the colonoscopies for Fridays had better have followed your directions and be home with I call!  Cause I want to finish work and Parteeeeeeea!