Monday, July 18, 2011

Chubby Monday

I finished the top to my Chubby Chicks with a few alterations.  I really wanted it to fit on a wall in my sewing room which is a very small bedroom.  I adjusted the pattern leaving behind 12 chicks.  Then, when I got to the final border I realized that if I put that plain green border on it wasn't going to fit my I left it off and will just bind it in the green fabric.  I like it!  Whenever I get it quilted and hung I will post a photo.  In the meantime I am going to enjoy the fact that I was able to give up my slight OCD/ADD tendency and have a weekend of fun quilting...not that the BOW's aren't fun...there is just something about doing 3 that may not be in my best interest!  I had decided after running errands I would pick up the mail which I had ignored for 3 days. So when my next BOW package arrived today the mailman wouldn't be cursing me about not emptying my box...and you know what?!  Next weeks BOW was in there...having been delivered on Saturday!  But...I wasn't even upset because I had so much fun making my Chubby Chicks, a pattern I had bought at Holly Hills in 2010.  The pattern is really cute and is designed by Black Mountain Quilts  Teri is a mother of 4 and tries to design simple patterns for those who have time issues! LOL

I have lined up a visit to designer June Jaeger's place on Thursday.  She is a spectacular designer!  Fridays blog should be a lot of fun!  As for today I fearlessly put on roller skates, scrubs and reading glasses!