Friday, June 3, 2011

There's No Place Like Home...

Wow, clicking the heels of my tennis shoes worked and I am back least for this moment! And...there is no place like home!  The drive home was horrendous, what normally takes 8 hours, took 11 hours with a combination of road work and shear exhaustion.  I had to keep pulling over to sleep...the week hit me like a ton of bricks.  I did chose my sleep locations well...quilt store parking lots!  Although I allowed my self potty breaks I only gave myself 15 minutes in the quilt stores.  There is not much joy in it when you have to run to the back used the bathroom, short introduction and a quick photo shoot...but it did allow me a glimpse and a conviction that I am going to stop and spend some time next time through.

I really can't nor shouldn't drive in the dark so I was very motivated to make it home before the last light disappeared.  With the pedal to the medal I drafted a guy from California that didn't seem to acknowledge that when you cross the border into Oregon the speed limit drops from 70 MPH to 55 MPH.  So I figured the police would pick him off and the deer would ride his hood.  As it was we reached Bend before dark and life looked a little brighter.

For those interested mom has Bullous Pemphigoid diagnosed by biopsy.  I have never seen it, nor has my sister (we are both nurses) and her doctor has only seen 2 cases in her career and neither of those was as bad.  So we are in uncharted territory.  Good thing I am flexible because this is going to take all the flexibility I can muster.  Wish me luck!

Here is a short slide show of one of the shops that I used the facilities in...great shop and right off the freeway in Redding, California.  Tomorrow I'll post a slide show of the other shop.
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