Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Quilt Shack

The Quilt Shack is located in Prineville, Oregon.  If I didn't have to work...and could stay home and quilt...I'd live in Prineville.  It is a "throw back" town to a slower pace of life and when you drop off the ridge and head down the road into Prineville you swear cowboys will be greeting you as you enter town.  And you know what...I saw my fair share of cowboys!  Unfortunately Prineville is located about 40 minutes from where I work and I am not the commuter type...of course they just opened a Facebook headquarters there...maybe I should go work for Facebook!

Anyhoo, I stopped by The Quilt Shack which is one of my favorite quilt stores not only because they have fun fabrics but Rhonda the owner is a sweetheart.  
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