Tuesday, June 7, 2011

QDHD (Quilter's Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

I have always been one who tries to look at what the heck I am doing and then I work on why I am doing it...I analyze, dissect, reprocess and change.  Getting up at 4 AM this morning and dragging Enzo to my sewing room I had quiet time to look at the mess in there, think and come up with a critical diagnosis...QDHD.  This diagnosis is where all of my anxiety is displayed for the the world. I can clearly see what is going on with my girlfriend, sister, mom, children, HH but, I  do have a harder time seeing what is going on with me.  HH can spot trouble brewing way ahead of time.  I think I am acting totally normal but I know something is up when he starts asking me..."are you OK?" Normally fairly chatty I get quiet.  I don't know why I am quiet but if I listen I can hear the answer to "are you OK?"   I woke up and listened and realized that I needed to follow the footsteps of my friend, Sandy.  This is her year to only work on her own stuff, to allow herself time...just for her.  To reinvigorate her desires for what make her happy.  After a "eyes wide open" look at life I now see that I will go flippin crazy this year if I keep adding more, and more, and even more...to my plate.  So this morning I got up and finished making my Summer Stars Block of the Week.  Wow, week 1 done...in week 1...this is what it feels like to decide to do something and then do it...I am HOOKED!
Cute little 41/2 inch blocks
week 1 of Summer Star BOW
by Primitive Gathering
If you are interested in adding to your plate! LOL