Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One Block At A Time

The Green Pieces block of the month sponsored by Sew Many Quilts taught me more than stitching.  It taught me what can be accomplished by putting one foot in front of the other...that perseverance pays off.  I so needed to be reminded of the lessons learned.  Isn't that the way of life, you learn something, then something else comes up and you forget what you learned!  When I got the call that my Green Pieces was all quilted and ready for pick up I took it as a sign.  I am here this one day and really needed something wonderful to remind me that I am strong, that perseverance pays off and I can put one mile at a time on my car and and heart.  Sandy Lachowski is "my" long arm quilter!  I know I have to share her with a bunch of you but, for this moment she is all mine.  If you go back through the old posts you will find a blog about her and her creative sweat shop.  She did a fantastic job! And she quilts free hand, no computerized stitching!  I love checking out the quilting in pictures for ideas on things that I want to quilt.  The music is dramatic but it totally cracked me up...the title...Reaching the Goal!  I have the binding ready to attach but that will have to wait till I return home and then I might take a photo of each and every block!  In the meantime enjoy!  As for me, I hit the road again...and I am going to find even more interesting Quilt Shops to share with you on the blog...oh and just to let you know I am trying to reach 100 followers before the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show on July 7th.  Help me out by getting your friends to hop on board!
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