Friday, June 24, 2011

The Joyous Quilter!

The Joyous Quilter is tucked back off of Hwy. 101 is a sleepy hollow called Aromas.  As I drove out to meet Louise I passed home after home with lush groves of trees, gardens and yet the scent of ocean air.  She has an infectious laugh as she tells you that it is a funny fate that brought a British couple to live in Aromas, California with an eclectic Asian influenced home.  All I can say is that this is a recipe for a good life.  The surprising bit of history is that although she has been sewing her entire life she only started quilting in 2005!  When you check out her website that bit of history will even be more surprising.  Her biggest supporter is husband David, Panda, Tia and Twiggy (kitties) and one very sweet old dog.  Her philosophy is summed up in a statement she made to me, "Patterns (I wish you could hear this with the British accent)...Patterns are like recipes, they are just suggestions."  You really must take the time to check out her website The Joyous Quilter You will hear her name over and over again in the Quilting World!

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  1. Sounds like a really neat lady! It's amazing how proficient she's become in a short period of time, but then some people just have natural talent. Thanks for sharing this tour of her lovely house and especially liked the peak into her sewing room. ~Roberta

  2. That ribbon quilt is amazing. So many ribbons. I guess I could make a ribbon placemat for myself.

  3. I agree Roberta...some people just have the DNA for quilting! I told Louise that she was heading for quilting stardome! My favorite part of this blog is peeking at sewing rooms and I am totally green with Louise's full length design wall!

  4. Oh Irene, you wouldn't want to eat off of your ribbons...make a ribbons mini quilt...I am going too! But I was most excited because my DFIL who has been gone these many years was an artist and won many accolades and I have them all...unable to part with I can make something and his grandchildren...great grandchildren...will have to hang the quilt up!!!