Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's Just Sew Simple...Really...

I thought there was no other town like Bend!  We have within our city limits 3 fabulous stores.  Guess What!?  So does Redding, California.  They have  Sew What (you can see the slide show on these great shops by clicking the links), The Sewing Room and now, I have discovered "Sew Simple!"  Although they do not have a web site if you see something in the slide show that interests you, give them a jingle.  They are located at 2223 Larkspur Ln, Redding, California 530-222-1845.  And, let me tell you they are WELL worth the stop and are easy to find off of I-5.  Nancy Endy has been the owner for 21 years and you can tell she really has a sense of the quilters needs and wants!  Upon arriving I immediately headed to the classroom where I heard activity and lo' and behold a Quilt Group was in progress.  Each person working on their own project, providing all the oooohhh's and ahhhh's that we so like to hear. 

Even though life has been challenging this trip...I have met the person I was supposed to meet!  Vicki Bellino of Bloom Creek First I want to say....Fabric Stalkers, no hassle about this next section especially you Yo Yo makers!  I have decided to start making the one's in Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts and I wasn't sure how to go about it...then at Sew Simple I met Vicki, who is the queen of the hexagon and in fact will be coming out with a book on this very subject!!!  You also can watch a You Tube video English Paper Piecing done by Vicki for Connecting Threads

Enjoy the slide show of Sew is one you will want that cuppa tea or coffee. So, you can watch it over and over again!
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