Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Flippin Bird Challenge, Block Two

The passing of the Flippin Bird Challenge quilts is proving to be even more challenging because we can't seem to find a day where all of us can meet.  Life is toooooo busy!  So a small group got together and passed what they have done on to the next FS (fabric stalker).  What is really weird is somehow I didn't get a photo of the addition I made to Robin's quilt...dang dorothy...that is what Robin would say!  Oh well, here a a few photos....

Irene added a boarder all around Lori's quilt
Lindsey added some spark around the star block in Val's quilt!  Hummm Lindsey looks pretty darn happy...wonder what that is about???
Robin created a 16 in block 4 patch!
Val created an exciting sampler out of my Kaffe fabrics...hey!!! are those batiks in there????

We decided because of the Sister's Outdoor Quilt show we won't meet and exchange until August...hopefully we'll be able to see some exciting progression!