Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Days Of Wine & Roses

I remember seeing this movie years ago called, "Days of Wine and Roses."  It was a horribly sad movie about a woman's decent into alcoholism and left my young heart permanently imprinted with the fear of losing time.  It also cured me of ever wanting to see movies that are supposed to make me cry, change my religion or donate money.  I became a "light hearted" movie goer.  Chick flick, snort your coke through your nose cause you are laughing so hard...type of movies!  I am especially fond of British humor.  Don't get me wrong  I am not opposed to a good cry, as long as it ends good and, I do like a "based in fact" documentary.  I now have 200+ movies to see on my netflix and I know I won't get to them all since I keep adding to the list.

You ask...why am I talking about the movies...or specifically about "Days of Wine and Roses?"  It is the idea of days running into each other, of losing time...or forgetting what your life is about.  I am spending a lot of time right now in an out of my life.  Life for me has no consistency (except for you guys) and I long for the boring "day in and day out" of my own existence.  Who would have thought I would miss going to work.  That showing up and concentrating on the tasks to be accomplished to get people into the operating room would look enticing?!  For sure I miss my sewing room...the same mess is on the cutting table and my 4th of July penny rug hanging is not going to get done before the 4th of July.   Whaaaaa.  Ok, there is my ugly cry.  So what to do?  I have one day before I hit the road again?  I have to cancel a stitch evening at BJ's since I will be in another state with mom and I hear that my wool quilt is ready for pick up...won't get that binding done since I can't figure out how to drive and stitch binding.  But, just like I thought Week 2 of my BOW from Primitive Gatherings was waiting in the mail box when I pulled into town!  So this morning I am going to prep it for travel...and take a little piece of home with me.