Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Amazing Grace!

Tuesday was a sweet soul filling day.  I know you may not think pulling weeds is soul filling but, doing it in my own dirt...well, this is what a piggy must feel like rolling around in the mud pit!  Spent 2 hours pulling weeds, didn't make a dent but I filled 2 garbage cans full.  Then off to a massage to help that shoulder that continues to plague me, especially after sleeping on a futon at mom's.  Stopped by the book store, bird feed store and bought myself a yummy turkey sandwich while running around.  I dropped my May Basket table runner off at QuiltWorks for them to display during Quilt Show Week.  I have to say, I am awfully proud of this project!

Then, in the afternoon when I picked up my mail I got 2 fantastic surprises!!!  Remember the blog I did on the Manager of Hancock Fabrics, Keith...and his wife Linda who is "G Wiz Creative Services" and remember that she does a textile trip to Hong Kong every year!!!  Well, she sent me a pillow case with all the major sites of Hong Kong printed on it...and a tag "I'm dreaming about a trip to Hong Kong!!!"  Boy, am I ever dreaming about that trip these day!  Thank you sooooo much Linda and for those of you dreaming with me check it out at

Last week Crabapple Hill sent the wrong pattern in my order.  I received Pumpkin Time when I had ordered Which Witch's Boot.  They were so nice, told me to keep the wrong pattern and sent out the correct one and it has arrived!  I am so excited...isn't it wonderful!!!
...and finally on my continued quest to be just like Alma of BlackBird Designs I went out and bought this magazine because on her blog (which can be accessed on the right side of my blog) she said that she and her partner were featured in the magazine.  Although my bread baking is a bust...and, I am for sure NOT even going to try and make cheese...and, I now own some cookie molds that are really cute but have never seen cookie dough...I have done cross stitch...not fancy stitches like Alma but cross stitch.  As my friend Sandy says...just like Julie/Julia...we could be Anna/Alma!

Poor mom is spending today, her birthday in the hosptial...send good healing thoughts for her!