Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tutorial: Snuggy For Adults

Last year my friend Jane showed me how to make a snuggy for adults. It was wonderful. 2 pieces of minke...not flannel, not fleece but real minke! All winter long I have enjoyed the most wonderful naps. Minke is sooooo soft and warm. The challenge is figuring out how to control such a large amount of minke. Both Jane's family and my own are filled with tall people so our minke used 2 1/2 yards for the front and an equal length for the back. That way it will tuck under your chin and cover your toes! During this past Christmas holiday season Emily discovered my snuggy and loved it! Here she is with my Dr. Seuss Christmas hat warm and cozy under my snuggy!

I decided since she and Connor were moving to Illinois she might need one come winter! So I found some cute minke and made one up. These are the most wonderful nap blankets. The are easy to make (about 1 1/2 hour) as long as you remember, pin, pin, pin! And use a Walking Foot!!!! For a high school or college student they would be a wonderful gift. When you are worried or sad about something...well, snuggling underneath one of these will make life sooooo much better. Minke is on the spendy side but QuiltWorks has a great price and also if you happen to hit a Fabric Depot sale. It comes in all kinds of colors and prints. I didn't make one for her with a corn print, instead chose whales so she would remember she likes the west coast better!!! LOL

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