Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sabado Tarde

Ah, it is Saturday afternoon and I can tell as this time of year progresses the blog will be posted on some days...a little later.  The yard does have a siren call and first thing in the morning is the best. This morning we went to Costco and bought a new yard cart that holds a 32 gallon can of yard debris.  We are lucky because as long as you put the debris on the road every Wednesday the landscaper will haul it away!  And I usually have the most debris because I am always working on some portion of the property. I had intended to plants some pots but then it started hailing and HH said tomorrow the weather is supposed to be can only hope.  

Just as Enzo and I were headed out for our walk this morning Robin stopped by on her way to Cannon Beach and dropped off a whole bag of golf balls (that is another blog) and this wonderful clay imprint she did of Enzo's paw!  This is her year to try new things and it included working with clay.  I love it and hung it in my sewing room. 

I wanted to start a patriotic wool project to hang outside my front door and I thought I had better get it going before July arrive.  What better weekend to start one than, Memorial Weekend.  I was reading an article in this mornings paper about the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and it brought tears to my eyes. The pattern I chose was called "Glory" by Under the Garden Moon.  I purchased it on a road trip at Holly Hills in West Linn, Oregon.

Our dear DIL and grandson are in town visiting aunts, cousins and the other set of grandparents but tonight they are coming for dinner and we can hardly wait! Enzo can't wait for "his" boy to arrive! Hope you will have a wonderful holiday weekend!