Sunday, May 22, 2011

Keith From Hancock Fabrics

It is an acknowledge fact that we quilters will spend a small fortune on our fabric and according to numbers on the web that amount exceeds on average, $2,000 per quilter, each year! I ponder the idea that my friend Lori and I are not working to save up for retirement...but that we can't retire because of our quilting budget...or lack there of...but...we do want to save money where we can. Especially in this economy. The area that we can trim our budget is in our notions. Everyone has their favorite "other" place. Joann's, Micheal's and for me, it is Hancock Fabrics. So it was serendipitous that I should meet former Sew News editor, Linda and her husband...and that the husband would become the new manager of Hancock! Hancock Fabrics has been my place to find the perfect button or quilting they carry even more notions than ever before. I love the tidiness of the store, the wide isles, the friendliness of the staff...What I do not like is the "sign!" But, Keith promises that a new sign will be up soon. The former sign was a joke and now it is gone so driving down Hwy 97 looking for the turn in is stressful.

The other thing you need to know about this couple is what an full life they live! Manager Keith has been sewing for over 20 years and that he met Linda at a fashion show where they were both modeling their creations. But, not only does he sew...but he golfs, creates stained glass and road bikes. He has participated in the Cycle Oregon and Cycle Idaho several times! Now that he is manager of Hancock Fabrics you can bet that great things will be happening there. You can call him about using the sewing space for your group. Already the American Sewing Guild and 4H meet at the shop. As for Linda, she leads a fabric travel group every year to....Hong Kong!!!! If I didn't have a wedding next year I would be on that plane!!! If you are interested here is the information...and please if you go...bring me some fabric back!

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