Thursday, May 26, 2011


Although my secondary back up retirement plan is the lottery...and, so far I have not won...HH says it requires tickets...and, I only buy them when I am leaving a particularly horrible day at work...I did win the jackpot yesterday! I had in my hot little hands a Joann's coupon. So, after work headed to the store. I am a fuser when it comes to wool projects and I have found there is a difference in the fusing products. The one I like the best is Lite Steam a Seam 2...and only the one that comes in 8x10 sheets in it's own little package. The product on the roll usually has been exposed to the air and separates easily and loses it's stick power. While shopping around I came across a table top ironing board, which I needed. With my besties coming over to sew I needed a board that I could set up on a table top downstairs (I have a big board in my sewing room). And with the last Civil War group I borrowed Robin's. The ironing board I found was $27.95, pretty spendy. But, I had a 40% off coupon, which would bring it down about $15. I thought Irene was worth $15 because she did not want to walk up and down my stairs to iron her blocks. When I went to check out the price wouldn't come up. So, she called for a price check. The person looking for the price couldn't find it and after much checking of papers, looking at shelves they told me it was a clearance item!!! That Joann's is discontinuing the in, they would no longer carry the item! Guess how much it cost me? $2.95!!!!!!! Yes, that is 2 dollars and 95 cents! SWEET!!! She told me I should buy a lottery ticket but, I went home cause I had already hit the Jackpot!