Monday, May 30, 2011


Today I make the last leg of my trip to see what the heck is going on with mom.  It was a 9 hour drive to my sisters..and it is weird being here without anyone else...but it did give me a chance to reflect on some of my quilting history.  My sister has a lot of my quilting because she is my favorite sister...actually she is my only sister.  I decided to take a few photos of some of the things I have made that live here in Napa.

My brother in law warned me that the guest bed had a tent over it because he was playing with the grandkids...and so this is what it looked like.  Being stressed, worried and tired...I wondered how nice it would feel to just hide and sleep under that tent!

My brother in law is a retired fireman and used to compete in the police and fire Olympics.  It is larger than the regular Olympics and is held every 2 years in a different country.  So he had collected tee shirts from all his competitions and I turned several into a tee shirt quilt that hangs in his office.

I taught Hawaiian Applique for the Quilter's Affair in Sisters a few years ago and this is the quilt that was used to advertise my class.  My sister has a love for the islands and her guest room is decorated with a Hawaiian theme so I thought it should live in her guest room.

For her 60th birthday I made a king sized BQ2 quilt out of all my Asian fabrics.  This photo does not do justice to the wonderful collection of Asian fabrics I have!

I had this wild line of fabrics and decided to do a coin quilt.  I wish you could see the quilting.  Sandy Lachowski who quilts out of BJ's Quilt Basket really made this quilt sing!
Back in the 90's my friend Dale and I went crazy making these little kimono girls.  We made soooo many of these wall hangings because it was so much fun "dressing them up!"

It is time to hit the road.  Wish me luck...maybe by the time I get there they will have booted her out of the hospital and I will be heading back home...I hope so,  my mom does not do sick well.