Monday, May 16, 2011

The Flippin Bird Challenge, Block One

I have to explain the Flippin' Bird started several years ago when Nancy decided to make a quilt. For reasons unfathomable to the rest of the quilting world she was unable to complete the project. But, it came to every retreat is the storage space of her chair...and we had to listen to the whining about the "Bird in the Air" blocks...that soon became known as the Flippin' Birds quilt. Finally we, I couldn't take it any more and said give me the Flippin' Birds and I'll make something out of them...thus, the 4th challenge by the Fabric Stalkers began (although 3 opted out of the challenge...stating they didn't have any project...yeah, right) The Flippin Bird challenge was first to find a project in your sewing room that you started but could never finish for whatever reason. Second, you could not have any say it how it ended up looking like. Third you had to bring it in a plastic project box in whatever state it currently existed. We all understood that the quilt we would end up with would not, look anything like the quilt we had originally started. Yesterday at our Fabric Stalker gathering we revealed the first block and then passed it on to the next were all amazing...and we have our work cut out for us!

I took the time to do a photo op of Lori's quilt room and will have blog that on Tuesday...but for today...enjoy the Flipping Birds!

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