Friday, May 27, 2011

Busy Bee

Yesterday was a "busy bee" day. A day off between 2 day working at the I wanted to make the most of it! I am beginning to feel that tug to be out working in the yard and I know that will cut into my quilting time big time! For now with the forecast of possible snow I am staying inside, except for Enzo walks. Enzo and I headed out for a new walk on the River Trail trying to figure out how to get from the River Trail to the Upland Trail without climbing a deer trail. No luck, but we had a nice walk. I decided to spend the day playing "quilting catch up." I wanted to prep a new embroidery project and chose this one because I love it. I love her patterns.

Naturally I used Transfer-eze because it is soooo easy and within 5 minutes had it ready start stitching!

Next it was layering and getting my penny rug ready to stitch the outside edge which was done while watching TV with HH. Didn't it turn out adorable!

BJ's Quilt Baskets First Saturday is only about a week away so I decided to get those blocks done rather than wait till the night before. It always feels so good to have your homework done way before it is due. I only wish I had learned that while in school!

...and finally a little work on the Civil War blocks. Two more done and now I am done with January and February. All in all it was a satisfying day...can't wait till the next one!